Goodpatch helped Vitamin design a Minimum Loveable Product by prioritizing features that brought value to women and their financial independence.

Validating features that empower financial independence for women

Goodpatch played a crucial role in designing a Minimum Loveable Product for Vitamin. This involved prioritizing features that brought value to all women, not just the urban elite, and also focused on sustainability. The team involved was small, the timeline fast-paced, and the process agile.

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Goodpatch’s journey with Vitamin began with a free hour of advice. We call this offer “Product:Hour,” and it’s our first step in empowering design. We provide startups, corporates, and NGOs with one free hour of structured design feedback and advice on a digital product. Artyom Chelbayev, one of the founders of Vitamin, scheduled a Product:Hour with Goodpatch. Vitamin’s mission is to shift mindsets, lead conversations, and guide every woman to make confident financial decisions. The founders wanted to learn which product features were essential for the launch of their financial tool. The Product:Hour evolved into a one-week Designathon followed by a six-week project that accumulated in a set of tangible and tested features of Vitamin.  

Testing features to determine their value

Each week, over six weeks, a set of product features were prototyped and tested with users. To kick off each sprint week, the Design Strategist hosted a workshop day in which the team recapped learnings from the week prior and decided whether or not to implement, iterate, or discard a feature. One of the features that tested best was called Discovery Mode, which allows you to track your investment without putting in real money. In this mode you can compare different sustainable investment strategies and see how they develop over time. Another idea was an investor personality test, aiming to discover users' mindset toward money, their financial status quo, and their risk appetite. The team prototyped and tested a list of questions and personas to determine the accuracy. Another success! You can see below how the prototype feature evolved into the live version. On the other hand, some features didn’t test well at all, and no matter how good they seemed in the Designathon week of generating ideas, the user testing spoke for itself.

Guided by user-testing rather than attachment

Goodpatch brought value by opening the discussion on what features the Vitamin team had in mind and understanding if that is indeed what users wanted. In other words, Goodpatch supported the creation of the Minimum Loveable Product. The Designathon is a great format to generate a long list of potential features based on creative idea generation methods and efficient desk research. It’s human nature to get attached to certain features and visions of what a product could be. Bringing in a partner like Goodpatch accelerates the exploration process and guides the team in a very structured way. By prototyping and testing various ideas, Goodpatch was able to see which features would help women make this step towards investing and put any egos aside to make a clear decision on each feature. This process took empathy and guidance from the Goodpatch team.

Agile and co-creative sprints while united by a clear vision.

You’ve heard these buzz-words so many times that you’re probably rolling your eyes. In this project, speed and collaboration were integral to the success that they must be mentioned. However, there was one aspect even more important than the way we worked: the purpose. The purpose and vision of the product were incredibly inspiring and uniting for the team. It was clear from the very first Product:Hour, that the founders had an unwavering belief in why they were pursuing this idea. Goodpatch was just as invested in the success and guided by the Purpose of helping women invest and take care of their financial future.




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